Summer Hot List- Men’s Edition!!

In honor of Father’s day, and all the amazing men in our lives, this month’s hotlist is dedicated to the guys!  Menswear is a huge department on, and it only keeps growing thanks to our amazing sellers and those awesome items you send us to find new homes.  When sending in men’s apparel, follow these few tips from our style experts on what’s trending in sales and style, plus some just plain ole’ sweet items to send our way.    (more…)

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April Inbound Hot List!

It’s that time again sellers: inbound box time!  We would love it if you fill your inbound boxes with swimwear, light jackets, t-shirts, and of course shorts, but this inbound box list is going to be really detailed.  Think of this Hot List as the trendy counterpart to our monthly Hot List.

Here we go!  (more…)

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