Swap.com Quarterly Report: 2017 Trends

Thrifting is blowing up. What you probably associate with a small, quirky shop downtown is now an $15 to $18 billion industry that’s becoming digitized by the second. Americans increasingly see thrifting as a guilt-free way of shopping and a unique way to conveniently discover new styles and outfits. And, they’re doing it online.

At Swap.com, we’ve experienced an explosion of online secondhand stores that cater to luxury, style, women’s fashion, value, and everything in between. As the largest online consignment retailer, our huge inventory and variety of items gives us unique insight into secondhand fashion as a whole. We carry women’s, men’s, kids’, and baby apparel from everyday favorites like Old Navy, to outdoorsy essentials like Patagonia, to high-fashion designer brands like Manolo and Jimmy Choo.

We won’t pretend to know where thrifting will head in 2018, but we can use our wealth of information to look at what thrifters are thinking, current trends, and everything that has led us to the current secondhand shopping revolution. Let’s dive right in and discover some of the favorite brands, styles, and habits of everyday American thrifters like you! (more…)

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Summer Hot List- Men’s Edition!!

In honor of Father’s day, and all the amazing men in our lives, this month’s hotlist is dedicated to the guys!  Menswear is a huge department on Swap.com, and it only keeps growing thanks to our amazing sellers and those awesome items you send us to find new homes.  When sending in men’s apparel, follow these few tips from our style experts on what’s trending in sales and style, plus some just plain ole’ sweet items to send our way.    (more…)

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Stellar Seller Series!!!

Our Stellar Seller Spotlight is a bi-monthly program recognizing Swap.com sellers!  This month, we would like everyone to meet our March Stellar Seller, Ruby!  Ruby is being featured for her success in selling thousands of items on Swap.com, since joining us in 2014. She has over 4,000 items listed with a wide variety of women’s men’s and kid’s clothing and those must-have accessories. How’d she do it?  To find out, we went directly to the source- with an in-depth interview!

You can view all Anne’s items here. (more…)

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