Mom on a budget? 4 ways consignment can help!

Mom on a Budget? 5 Ways Online Consignment Can Help!

When we think of one thing that doesn’t ever seem to change, it’s the fact that children will always, always grow out of their clothes! Not only do they physically grow out of the sizes, they quickly grow out of the styles and no longer want to wear the once fabulous light-up sneakers they begged for just months ago.

Buying the latest and greatest items for their closets can seem like quite the expensive task.  With back to school shopping upon us, we also have to think about what the kids will wear and still like in the colder months ahead.  Shelling out a couple hundred bucks at once may not keep you on your budget and that is where online consignment can help!

We’ve compiled a list of ways that consignment shopping can help keep you within your budget when it comes to shopping for back to school, or really any time that someone needs new clothes for their closet.

1. Save up to 90% off retail prices

Items that are available on consignment sites and in stores have a greatly reduced prices from their original retail price.  Even with sales that many retailers offer, consignment prices can still be much less.  When shopping for back to Mom on a budgetschool for his son, our Marketing Guy, found that he saved $182 by shopping on instead of in stores.  These price comparisons even accounted for the current sale prices on some items.

Some items available are in like new or even new with tags conditions and still don’t have the brand new price tag.  It’s always worth the time to browse through what’s available if you’re not yet comfortable with buying gently used items.

2. You can find interesting pieces by shopping consignment

Since items are sourced from other sellers who send in their items, the items available extend far beyond what is current and trendy.  You can find almost any color you may need for school spirit, a uniform, or costume.  Or maybe your child has a favorite sweatshirt or tee that he or she grew out of but still wants to wear, maybe someone sent in the same item in a size or two larger.  Online consignment shopping will not only save you a few dollars, it will also save you a lot of time by not needing to go from store to store for that one item you are looking to find.

3. Seasons don’t matter when it comes to consignment

It may be cold most of the time where you live, but you’re going on vacation to a warm state next month.  Online consignment will definitely have tanks, shorts, and swimsuits available regardless of what month or season it is.  The best part is, you won’t be paying a premium for out-of-season items like you would at an online retailer.  Many sellers even lower the prices on their out-of-season items in an effort to get them to sell!

4. You can earn a few bucks selling your own items online

Mom on a budgetAfter seeing just how easy it is to shop and buy items on online consignment sites, you may consider trying your hand at the selling process.  Since you’ve been shopping for items to fill your children’s closets, you most likely have items to get rid of yourself.  After doing some inspecting of your items, you can box them up and send them to to sell to the next shopper.

Selling on is super easy.  All you have to do it request an inbound shipping label, inspect your items for holes and stains, pack them into a box, and ship them out.  Once they are received in the fulfillment center, each item is inspected by our team, photographed, and processed onto your account.  Once you set a sale price for each item, you will get emails when each item sells and receive a payout every two weeks! Selling has helped some families supplement their budgets so shopping later is even easier!

5. Online consignment is also available for women’s items!

All these great features are also available for women, too.  Since our expansion into women’s apparel in March of 2015, moms have been able to fill and clean out their closets just like they have for their children.  Women’s apparel doesn’t get as much wear as children’s may, so the return can be even more valuable.  How many times have we bought a top or dress for a great fictional future event only to find that it has sat in our closet for over a year with the tag still attached.  Now you can send it in to Swap to sell and earn a few bucks back and you can shop other women’s great new with tags items, too!

Shop on Swap.comSell on

Have you put yourself on a budget for your shopping trips? Try online consignment before you head to the mall and see just how much you can save.  Then take some time to look through your items to see what you can send in to sell, you may be surprised at just how much money is waiting to be found in your closets and drawers.

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      1. Hi I would like to no and find out what big items you are trying to sell I am in the middle of trying to purchase a home and could possibly use just about everything and also anything I am a young woman that is living with multiple sclerosis and I also have a young daughter that is 8 years old about to be 9 in November we can use items to help us along the way thank you so much

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