Next generation swapping replaces Swap Media swapping service

The Valet Service redefines online consignment services and makes trading of pre-owned items more convenient, safer and more profitable than ever before. Items can be swapped, bought, and sold.

The Media swapping service was originally known as Swaptree. As user requirements have changed over the years, decided it was time to create a service that is more aligned with the customer expectations and business models of today. The Media service has been the world’s largest swapping service for books, movies, music and games, and it has served over a million users for almost a decade. The company believes the new Valet Service will take online swapping to a whole new level and even greater popularity.

The Valet Service offers a superior level of convenience compared with the old self-service concept. The Valet Service does almost everything on behalf of the customer. The customer simply sends items to the Valet Service, and does the rest. will sort, photograph and list the items on the website, it will safely store them in the logistics center, manage payments, and finally ship the items to the buyer. Another enhancement is the option to sell and buy items, as an alternative to swapping. The customer gets to set the sales price herself.

The Valet Service was initially launched in November 2012 for trading childrens’ items. The service is now expanding to include DVD’s, video games and books for grown-ups, too.

The Valet Service improves the safety of transactions. All items in the Valet Service will be centrally stored in the company’s logistics center, which allows to ensure that all traded items exist and that they are shipped within one business day. Sold items, however, are only shipped after payment has been received, which guarantees the owner won’t have to worry about getting paid.

The Valet Service can be found at The old Media service has been discontinued on May 1st, 2013

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