Secondhand Shoppers More Likely to Find Success in Love

In honor of Valentine’s Day today, we embarked on a mission to find out if the qualities and personality traits that make a great “thrifter” are linked to the same qualities that make someone successful in love. To find out, we conducted a survey asking about secondhand shopping and dating habits, and discovered that there was a true love connection between those who shop secondhand regularly and those who found success in their love life. In fact, 69% of the most avid thrifters (people who shop 12 times or more per year) stated they’ve found their match in a committed relationship or marriage.

While we know the best secondhand shoppers are pros at discovering that hard-to-find, one-of-a-kind item, we wanted to see if that translated into being able to find the one person who is just right for them in real life. Our Valentine’s Day Survey confirmed our suspicions; secondhand shoppers are diligent, patient and have a good understanding of what they’re looking for, which appears to correlate to their ability to find their perfect partner.

What is it that makes thrifters more likely to unlock the key to love?

  • They know what they want
    • 75% of respondents claim they return less than 10% of their purchases, compared to the national average of e-commerce returns, which is typically up to 4x that.
    • 48% have dated fewer than five partners before finding their match, and while just 26% of Americans date a year or less before committing that number jumps to 57% for thrifters, proving they know what they are looking for in a partner.
  • They love the thrill of the hunt
    • Secondhand shoppers are drawn to a challenge, knowing that hard work pays off when it comes to discovering a treasure online for a steal and scoring something unique.
    • Survey results showed that thrifty shoppers have a similar approach when it comes to dating, with respondents being willing to work for and dig into finding their match, as a whopping 77% met their partner through dating apps, school, work or in a social situation.
  • They embrace technology and leverage it to get what they want
    • Secondhand shoppers aren’t afraid to utilize today’s technology, with experts estimating that the online secondhand market is growing at a massive 35% each year.
    • Likewise, 59% of the most avid customers had used dating apps in their quest to find love.

We learned a lot about our customers by looking at this data and drawing the parallels between being a savvy thrifter and finding love. Obviously there is a lot more at stake when it comes to a great relationship than secondhand purchase habits, but in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we couldn’t resist!

Tammy Kotula

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