Simple Ways to be Active in Your Workday

Simple Ways to Be Active in Your Workday

It is your resident fitness junkie from, Matt! This month we are focusing on staying active and eating healthy. Both of which are my favorite things and I have found over the years constantly change. Which is great because I got bored super easily….wait what was I supposed to write about?

Got it! The number one complaint I hear from parents at the gym is, “I don’t have time to workout.” While this may be true and our kids are our number one priority, we shouldn’t sacrifice our workouts. Sure a number of studies have proven that working out provides social and community bonding, relieves stress, promotes healthier skin, boots your natural endorphins (the feel good hormone), and etc.  I could easily fill up this entire blog post with reasons as to why you should workout, but I’ll spare you the rambling.

So how do we find time to get in some exercise? Well– lets start with the office. As you read this post, you will get a full body workout and you won’t even realize it. Sound like fun? Here are a few of my favorites, scalable for all ages and levels of fitness!

Simple Ways to Be Active in Your Workday

Stand upSimple ways to be active - Standup

Many people sit at desks all day long (like myself) and by the end of the day I’m hunched over, tired, and bloated.
Standing up at your desk is one of the best things your can do for your body and health. Recent peer reviewed studies indicate that by simply standing for 30 minutes a day will improve your life span. Standing requires your body to work, your heart pumps a few beats faster, your core, back, and leg muscles are engaged, and your GI tract will relax thus promoting healthy digestion of your breakfast ? Standing for 30 minutes burns roughly about 76 calories and if you really want your calories worth– try standing for four hours and you can burn just under 480 calories!!  

Calf Raises

If you are already standing, more than likely you have taken a nice long body stretch in which you came up on toSimple Ways to Be Active - Calf Raises your tippy toes. If not, do it now, it feels amazing to get a good stretch in after sitting for a long time! The calf raise is a fairly simple add-on to stand
ing, simply contract your calf muscle so that it raises you on to your tippy toes and then slowly release the contraction to bring your heels to the ground. If you need more stability, use a near by wall or your desktop for support. You can also do these while sitting, simply contract and release the muscle with your foot hovering about one inch off the ground. If you are standing you can tack on an additional 95 calories and sitting will garner you about 30 calories burned. With any muscle group, focus more on the toning effect versus the calorie impact.  Toned muscles = burned calories ?

Simple ways to be active - Push UpsPush ups or Desk Push ups

This movement is slightly more advanced, but can be scaled for all levels of fitness. The push up is great chest, arms, shoulder, back, and core workout. I’m tired already! That is an amazing amount of work in such a small movement.  The push up can be done traditionally on the ground or for the scaled version you can use your desk or wall to push off of. You might be thinking, push ups at work? Well– it is fairly common actually. I’ve been caught doing push ups behind my cubicle wall a few times!  This movement is more advanced, so safety first.


These are just a few of my favorites and there are many other movements, such as squats, seated dips, paper weight rows, leg lifts, and walking. Check out Fatsecret for calorie burning movements as well.  Whichever adventure you decide, please be sure to check with your doctor before beginning physical activity; remember safety first. We only get one body, so use it wisely and more importantly have fun!


Here are, we’re looking forward to incorporating these movements into our daily routine to help with our 30 Day Health Challenge!

Comment below with how you stay fit in the office and share any tips that you may have for our readers! 

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