Don’t Put Away Those Boots Just Yet: 5 Ways To Wear Your Winter Boots In Spring!

One of my favorite things about winter is the ability to wear coats, sweaters and–of course–boots! Although warm weather is great, the clothing in the colder months is something I really look forward to. Boots are a great transitional shoe to wear when the weather is constantly changing as we move into spring. If you are like me and you’re not ready to put away your boots just yet, read on for 5 ways you can style all of your boots in spring before storing them away until next winter!


  1. Black Booties: A Staple in Winter And Spring!

Plain black booties are a staple in almost everyone’s closet. At first glance, you may be picturing yourself wearing these with a long-sleeve shirt and jeans, but these can easily be worn in spring with a t-shirt and shorts. The brown wooden sole helps carry these boots into spring, as this detail pairs well with lighter colors. The shorter silhouette can also make these great transitional footwear because your feet can breathe in warmer weather.


  1. Over The Knee Boots In Warm Weather?

Most people assume that suede is a winter material however, it is in fact the opposite. Suede is one of the most breathable and beautiful fabrics for boots, pumps and even loafers. These light gray suede over the knee boots would pair nicely with a short a-line skirt and sleeveless silk blouse. While suede can get dirty very easily, it’s also easy to clean, which is why these boots are perfect for transitioning from winter to spring!


  1. The Transitional Boot You Already Own

Brown leather boots are probably the best transition piece for footwear as you can wear them during any season! You can easily tuck jeans into these boots without them feeling too cozy in warmer weather. Personally, I would wear a midi dress or long flowy skirt with these boots for a bohemian look. Pair the flowy skirt back to a flowy short sleeve top and you have a great outfit to throw on without compromising comfort. What outfit would you wear these boots with?


  1. Wear Neutral Tones All Year-Round

These suede patchwork booties have a nice platform that not only makes them super comfortable, but also keeps the suede from getting dirty and worn out. The earthy colors make putting together any outfit seamless. I would wear these with distressed boyfriend shorts and a graphic tee. Or, they could easily be paired with a casual, neutral colored dress. My first thought is to pair these with a flowy white cotton dress for an everyday look. If you are looking for a trendier head-to-toe look, wearing these boots with a flowy romper (silk, chiffon, polyester) is one way you can transition your next outfit from day to night.


  1. How To Turn Edgy Into Feminine

When you look at these edgy boots, your first thought may be to grab your leather jacket, but these boots can easily be worn in spring. One of my favorite trends is the midi length slip dress. These boots would pair back to the midi length slip dress for a feminine look that can be worn to a concert or out to dinner with friends. One reason I love these boots is because the buckle is removable, giving you the option to put together an edgier outfit or to keep it classic. Ankle boots easily transition into spring, so think about the dresses in your closet you could pair these beauties back to before you say farewell!


I would love to hear how you would style your boots for spring! Comment below and let us know your outfit ideas!

If you have questions about a pair of boots you are looking to style for your next night out or special occasion, be sure to hashtag #SwapStylistPicks on Twitter! I am here to answer all of your style questions!



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