Style Quiz! What Does Your Fashion Say About You?

Are you a trendy fashionista? A cool and casual everyday gal? Or, do you always dress for the occasion? Find out what your style says about you by taking our style quiz below. Don’t worry, the only way you can fail this quiz is by not taking it. Make sure to keep track of your answers along the way and tally them up at the end to find your corresponding style. Have fun!



A. Trendy for Less

Your style is trendy and always evolving, and that’s great because it’s all so affordable. You find inspiration in a  color block midi-skirt and a platform heel, and transition to wearing a fringe jacket, boyfriend jeans with sandals with ease. Your fashion forward style means you love the best things, but you’re smart enough to know you don’t have to pay top dollar. You’re progressive, open to new things, and always looking for a new experience or adventure to keep things exciting– and to show off your new outfit. Your style, like your life, is always going new places.

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B. Laid back & Leisurely

You find comfort in clothing that is designed for your everyday life. Your faves are easy transition pieces, from a stylish pair of sneakers, to draped or slouchy jacket, with a baseball hat or beanie. Your casual style means that you’re genuine, down to earth, and pragmatic. But just because you’re practical, doesn’t mean you’re blase´. You know that you can still pull off head-turning style without wearing seven layers in the heat of summer or a restricting outfit that won’t let you move and be yourself.

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C. Classy and Polished

Your key look is contemporary, and refined. On the weekends, you’ll find comfort in finding the ‘best’ fitting jeans, a cool tee- and chic mules. When Monday comes, it’s time to put on your best blazer and slacks, just because you’re on the grind doesn’t mean you have to look like it. You’re smart, goal-oriented and focused, but not stiff. Once five o’clock comes around, you’re ready to grab a bottle of wine and relax, but only if you’ve earned it. Your friends and coworkers know they can count on you, and they’re always asking you for advice  as well as where you got that outfit. When you tell them, they know it’s the real deal.

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Tammy Kotula

Tammy Kotula heads up PR at where tech meets fashion. Her unique style can be described as blending black and neutral staples with a hint of edge to keep things interesting. Made in Michigan and now living in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood, Tammy is a lover of cats, reality TV addict, night owl and enemy of shrimp.

16 thoughts on “Style Quiz! What Does Your Fashion Say About You?

  1. Thanks Love your site. Have tried other sites for buying and selling . Very disappointed.
    Wishing you all the success . 😊❤️

    1. Hi Velicia,

      We’re thrilled to hear you love our site! Be sure to come back often. We’re up to 2 million unique items and adding more to our inventory everyday.

  2. Right on key yes I truly believe you have to be comfortable and confidence in your skin as well as the outfit!😆😎

  3. Tammy,

    How about those of us who would have probably not chosen any of the options that you provided? For example, there are those of us who prefer slacks over shorts and evening slacks or a long black skirt to the little black dress, etc.

    Just saying that I have made two large purchases from that did not include any of the items listed above (smile).


    1. Cordellia,

      Great feedback! You make several excellent points that we’ll take into consideration for future quizzes. Thanks for playing!

    1. Paula! I would if I could. Unfortunately, I cannot attach a photo of my sweet Simone and Pierogi (aka “sweet P”) in this comment box. #sniff

    1. Thanks! We had fun writing it.
      Also, we hear you loud and clear on being able to click through the quiz…stay tuned for the next one.

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