#SwapSweeps $350 Date Night Dress Giveaway


Still on the hunt for your perfect date night dress? With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’d like to help one lucky thrift lover out by giving away this stunning Cynthia Rowley number, which typically retails around $350.

To enter, simply tell us where you would like to wear this dress in the comments section below or on our YouTubeFacebook, or Instagram. We’ll randomly select and announce the winner on January 29, 2018 from all the entries.

Good luck, savvy shoppers and may the savings be ever in your favor.


Conor Janda

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187 thoughts on “#SwapSweeps $350 Date Night Dress Giveaway

    1. I would wear this dress out on a date with my husband ,I’ve lost lots of weight and haven’t bought nothing yet,that fits

  1. Let me tell you, I would LOVE to wear this dress with a solid colored chunky necklace to dinner on the coast, looking out on sunset while drinking a cocktail with my man who is Air Force and will be home this Valentine’s Day!

  2. I would wear this to a cocktail work function for my fiancé. He is a doctor, and some of the wives and girlfriends have such amazing designer pieces they wear to these functions.

  3. I would wear this dress to a wedding reception! Thanks for the chance to win! Thank you for your generosity! Good Luck to all!!!

  4. My closet is empty,I lost over 100 lbs.I have a wedding coming up early Feb.In Boston.I would wear it there!

  5. I’d like to wear it out to Bourbon, a steakhouse downtown that’s really nice, and a place I haven’t been to in a couple years. It’d be wonderful to have a fun, fancy date night again.

  6. I would like to win this dress to wear it out to a fancy dinner with my husband. Some place not to expensive but a place you need to get dressed up for.

  7. I would like to wear the Cynthia Rowley dress to a romantic Italian restaurant. Thank you for the giveaway.

  8. I’d wear it to my school’s graduation ceremony. First, though, I’d wear it on a Valentine’s date to a romantic local Italian restaurant with my hubby.

  9. I would like to wear this dress to a work dinner. Sometimes I need a have a dress that can go
    A fancy dinner, that will be classy, but stylish and always comfortable

  10. The dress is adorable! I would wear it out on a date night with my husband. It’s cold here, so I’d pair it with some tights and booties and a jacket.

  11. I would wear this beautiful creation out to dinner with my husband. Might turn a few heads and we won’t be seated by the bathroom 🤣

  12. I would rock this on Valentines Day when my hubby takes me out for a Romantic Dinner!! Its perfect for the occasion!!

  13. Our wedding anniversary is on February 14th and we are going away the weekend after. I’d love to wear this for our special weekend away.

  14. I would love to dress up in this beautiful dress and go out to our local seafood restaurant for a romantic Valentine’s dinner.

  15. I would love to have a new dress to wear out on date night! With small kiddos, date nights are few and far between!

  16. I have had a very rough two years loosing my Mama , Father in Law, Aunt and Brother, I need a night out a vacation, this would pull me out of my depression. How wonderful it would be to feel beautiful again, a great start for sure
    Thank you❤

  17. Would love this dress just what the Dr ordered
    I would flaunt it out and let everyone know how I won’t it

  18. I would love to win this dress for my Grand-Daughter, she and her husband have had too many challengers in their 4 1/2 yr together no one deserves this more! Thanks for the chance to win one of your dresses for her! Even if she does not win! She has still won being the person she is!

  19. I’d wear it on a date night for Valentine’s Day to either Applebee’s or Longhorn. Thank you for the chance!

  20. I would wear this on a fancy date night with my love when we go downtown and actually feel like adults for a change!

  21. I am taking my beautiful girlfriend out to dinner to propose to her on our anniversary, and she would absolutely love this dress!

  22. I would wear it on my Anniversary date in May! This year makes 15 years of marriage for my husband and I.

  23. I would wear this dress out for the ultimate date night with my hubby. It’s our 20th anniversary this Feb. 6th 2018. We met when I was 14 and he was 17. We moved in together 3 days after meeting and now we’re are going on our 20th year together. We never got married because him. I or our families don’t Habra the most eyes for a big wedding l. I’m not super girly but that’s the 1 day I want ALL EYES ON ME and want it to be a huge bash. Since we haven’t gotten it done yet. But with this year being our 20th anniversary we are gonna have an amazing date night to celebrate. I currently do not own a single dress so to get this win would be wonderful!!!! I don’t thus he’s ever seen me in a dress… So it would blow his mind…. I am wishing good luck to everyone. But I got my fingers and toes crossed I get this win…. Thanks for the opportunity

  24. #SwapSweeps
    I would like to very to win a dress for the wifey. She doesn’t own any and they are all very old. I want to take her somewhere special for Valentine’s Day and it would be wonderful to have a dress for her to wear.

  25. I would wear it out to dinner with my husband 🙂 We are celebrating our two-year wedding anniversary on February 10th 🙂

  26. If I was your lucky winner I would honestly wear the dress for my birthday on Valentine’s Day coming up here really soon and my husband would be amazed because I don’t get to dress up much with 6 kids but I think it would make his whole night to go on a date with me. Also, my baby boy is having a birthday with me because we are 6 days apart and he is turning 2. I am so excited to see him go nuts with all the balloons and cake and fun so I will just keep wearing the dress for parties and fun and just when I need to feel good about myself. This mom needs a pretty dress. Thank you so much for the chance. I hope you make big girl dresses cause I am a big girl. I would need atleast an extra large and I know most come in little tiny dresses for the cute little women. Thanks so much. Have a blessed day and good luck all. What an amazing giveaway!

  27. Would love a new dress to wear for Valentine’s Day. We never get a date night without the little one, would love to make it special.

  28. I would wear it out when we go on vacation to Texas on dinner night with my husband, my daughter, her husband and six grandkids I’ve been really sick for awhile and it would be so nice to feel pretty and have my family see me looking pretty as I can…. Thank you for this chance

  29. Me and my man really need a date night! Things have been so hectic lol just one little break would be fantastic!

  30. I’d definitely wear this on our weekend away for our 15yr Anniversary! Beautiful!❤ Thank you for the amazing opportunity!

  31. I would celebrate our 44th anniversary together, since we couldn’t because he was hospitalized, just got out and our anniversary was 1/19 , I would take him out to a nice steak dinner.

  32. As a mother of two all of my extra money goes toward my kiddos. I haven’t bought a new dress since I don’t remember when. This would be wonderful for date night on Valentines Day! Surprise my husband with something new! Love the color, fit and style!

  33. I would love to win and wear the beautful dress for a romantic weekend with my husband of dinner late evening walk as well just to have a surprise for my husband

  34. I would rock this gorgeous dress with a night on the town with my wonderful husband of 22 years! Thanks so much for the opportunity. ….good luck everyone! ♡♡♡

  35. I would wear this dress for my husband of four years on Valentine’s Day for our night out. Love the style 🙂

  36. I would wear this brunch with with my family, then I would take it for a spin on the dance floor at our favorite wine bar!

  37. I’d love to wear this to the theater, a museum, date night, girls night, and every time in between! Beautiful dress!

  38. I have not bought a new dress in over 20 years. So if I have a new one,I would make sure to have an excuse to wear it and more than once. I would have my man take me out to dinner at multiple restaurants and we would definitely go to the casinos!

  39. Our anniversary will be coming up shortly and I would love to wear the dress out to dinner and a night in town!!!

  40. I’d wear it to church and show off in front of the old ans stiff usher board and watch them obe by one clutch their make believe pearls while walking me to the altar saying I need to be prayed for. Then I’d wear it to an outside eatery to have a late lunch or an early dinner with my husband and friends. Oww! 🤗

  41. Would love to get dressed up and just feel pretty for a night. I think all women love to get all dressed up and have a great time doing it

  42. I would wear this beautiful dress out to dinner with my Sweetheart for birthday/Valentine’s Day celebration.

  43. I left an abusive relationship in 2017 so I would wear it if a friend asked to go out. Im a single mom so don’t go anywhere really, but about to turn 40 in March and Valentine’s day, so to get my confidence back I would love to have this dress to maker me feel pretty again after being best down for so long. Every person deserves to feel pretty, and deserves a night out especially us mommas. Courage got me out, now I’m trying to work on my confidence. I do get “momma you’re pretty” from my two little boys. Thank you for the chance.

  44. I don’t own many dresses and I know I would love a beautiful new dress to have a beautiful night out with my husband that’s way overdue!

  45. I would wear this on my 10 year anniversary this year <3 I just lost 30 pounds and finally feel like the older, cuter me. This year is going to be dinner and drinks…getting a sitter for the night.

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