What can you do in 9 months?

  1. Develop a child within your womb (if you’re a human female).
  2. Grow 4.5 inches of hair (per family member).
  3. Read the Harry Potter series 24 times (on an average of 1.5 weeks per read-through of the series).
  4. Watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy 532 times (Extended Edition on repeat).
  5. Store your extra kids’ items for free on Swap.com! We have expanded our storage fees from 90 days to 9 months, so send your items in now!

In 9 months your kids, or even grandkids, will grow a size or two! And you continue your convenient habit of making money selling your extra kids’ and maternity items on Swap.com. Please note, the 9-month-free-storage is for the items that are accepted to be listed on Swap.com.

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